Tibetan Prayer Beads (Malas)
from Lotus Seed

Used to count out a devotee's Mantras (Prayers) on the 108 beads. While counting, the devotee reflects on the deity (Guru) associated with the Mantra. Tibetans believe that the devotee gains wisdom by counting the Mantras on the beads.

The Tibetan method is for the devotee to count each bead till he/she reaches the Guru bead (large bead). Then, repeat the process in reverse without crossing the Guru bead.

a) Lotus Seed Hand Mala, approx. 5 in dia., (R-440-LMH); $8.00

b) Lotus Seed Neck Mala, approx. 15 in dia., (R-450-LMM); $25.00

c) Lotus Seed Neck Mala, approx. 20 in dia., (R-460-LML); $35.00