Click here to see how to make a Dribu sound

Bell (Dribu) and Dorje

The hand bell or Drilbu (Tibetan) is traditionally used by monks and nuns in their respective Tantric Bhuddist practices.

The process involves holding the bell in the left hand and the Dorge in the right hand. This reflects the union of wisdom and compassion to attain enlightenment.

The bell can also be played by ringing or rubbing a stick around the rim. (Click here to see a demonstration)

The Dribu and Dorje are made of a five-metal alloy by master Tibetan bell makers in India and Nepal.

a) Medium Dribu, 6 3/8" height (R-300-DR)
$45.00 (includes Small wooden stick and explanation)

b) Embroidered Bell Holder (R-320-BH)