Silver Pendants

Each pendant is sterling silver.

a) Prayer Wheel, 1-1/4 in, engraved with the Prayer Of Compassion
(J-300-PW) $25.00

b) Buddha (Sakyamuni or the First Buddha), 3/4 in.
(J-320-PB) $12.00

c) Locket, with the Tibetan "Om" in silver on turquoise, opens, 3/4 in.
(J-340-LOM) $25.00

d) Locket engraved with the Tibetan Prayer of Compassion, opens, 1-1/2 in.,
(J-360-LPC) $25.00

e) Dorje (or Vagra), 1-1/4 in.,
(J-380-PD) $19.00